lundi 25 avril 2011

Yesterday was another day.
Today it's raining. 

I'm standing in the corner, thinking all I want to, what am I to do? Should I go home still sober. Should I buy me another glass of wine and forget about time. Though my jeans are too tight. Don't feel like dancing and all this light is too bright. Don't feel like shining. Though this room is too small, I'd rather stand against the wall and hope that no one sees me. And everybody's dancing... I don't want to. And everybody's toying...I don't want to. And everybody's laughing... I don't want to. Everybody but me. And everybody's drinking... I don't want to. And everybody's smoking... I don't need more. And everybody's floating... I don't want to. Everybody but me, yeah. I get the creeps from all the people in here. I cannot breathe, it's too crowded in here. Don't look at me, I don't wanna be seen. Touched, heard, bothered by the fellas. Who got a look in their eye. They wanna take me home without knowing my name. They wanna put me on but do they not know is that I'm not like the others.

( Almost all the pictures by him.)

I was there. With you. Drunk. Again. It was raining cats and dogs. I was cold. Wondered why we're here. Naked. Again? Then, you buggered up everything.  Yeah, you win, but me, I let it fall. No second chance baby.

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